How do we study and what do we learn, Laura Romano

About Truth Gandhi said: 'What seems truth to one person, may seem a mistake to someone else. If we sincerely commit ourselves to truth, we will see that different truths are like the leaves of a tree which seem different but are yet on the same tree'. ..."

Relaxed Meditation: Selected Sumarah Teachings - Paul Stange

'Sumarah' is a Javanese word referring to the condition of total surrender. Thus the name 'Paguyuban Sumarah', the Indonesian spiritual association our practices have grown from, is itself nearly an adequate description of both the aim and nature of our practice. The aim of meditation, most often called 'sujud' within the Indonesian group, is to surrender every aspect of personal being so the self functions as a vehicle for God's will.

Notes on Sumarah meditation practice - Laura Romano, 1995

The purpose of this article is to introduce some basic principles of Sumarah meditation. It is not my intention here to explain everything about the method or in any way to give the full picture of this particular meditation. My wish is just to briefly introduce those elements of Sumarah theory and Javanese philosophy that one is at first faced with when begins to practice.

The Logic of Rasa in Java - Paul Stange, 1984

We may have the adage that knowledge is power', but beneath it lies an epistemology implying that knowledge' is primarily a matter of intellect, of qualities of thought and quantities of information. Closely linked to this is a sense of person', profoundly conditioned by Enlightenment notions of equality, which results in sharp resistence to suggestion that there may be qualitatively different orders of consciousness.

Sumarah Meditation Sessions with Pak Wondo from 1982 and 1983

A Selection of SUMARAH MEDITATION SESSIONS with Pak Wondo in Solo (Baluwarti and Kratonan) from the years 1982 and 1983, recorded and translated by Tony Green, edited by Laura Romano and Susanne Klein

Meditation with Pak Sri, Solo, September 6, 1976

"Meditation ist not a doing, not an act. It is something which happens ... All what we can do is just to open, open towards the happening." This text are the words from Pak Sri, while he guided a meditation session. The translation was transcribed by Peter Koffel, a participant of the Sumarah medititation session at that time.

Sumarah meditation in cognitive-emotional perspective - Melanie Munt, 2012

Master Thesis by Melanie Munt in Clinical Psychology about participant motivation and effects and their link with personal- and background determinants.