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Sumarah - Spiritual Wisdom from Java

by Laura Romano

Besides the Italian edition of Laura's book there is also the English edition, which is available on Lulu and amazon and can be ordered in bookstores.



Sumarah is a philosophy, a form of meditation, and a way of life originating from Java. It is a path of the heart, of no effort, of no form - a path of surrender. Sumarah guides the practitioner towards deep relaxation of body, feeling, and mind. This is the first step in the process of personal transformation and awakening the inner teacher. In her book, Laura Romano draws on her own extensive personal experience - nourished by the meditation practice that she was introduced to and trained in from her first years in Java - in describing her frequent meetings with the many Javanese masters then still alive. To better illustrate the principles of the Sumarah tradition, she relates stories from her own journey, vividly recreating the relaxed and warm atmosphere of meditation meetings in the homes of various meditation teachers.

264 pages
ISBN: 9781471702341