Sumarah workshops

Since we still don’t know how the Covid situation will evolve,
also this year the workshops will be online via Zoom.

The two ‘open’ workshops are open to anyone and with a relatively flexible participation:
missing one or two days, participate only in the morning or only in the evening,
yet obligatorily present at the first and last meeting.

The ‘intensive’ workshop on the contrary is meant for those
who have already done at least one retreat with Laura and
participation is required in all the meetings.

In all the three workshops Laura will guide the session in the mornings
and another pamong will guide in the evenings.
In all three workshops the morning session will be from 7 to 9 and
the evening session from 18:30 to 20:30 (CET=Central European Time).

In order to register please send an email to the contact person mentioned below.
This year there will be no fee at all, while of course donations are always welcome.

Open workshop in Italian   
19 - 25 July
Contact: Antonella at antonella418224[at]  

Open workshop in English
31 July - 6  August
Contact: Susanne at sannejava[at] 

Intensive workshop in English
20 - 27 August
Contact: Donatella at tellamessi[at]